From The CEO

It all started from a passion in the Sport of Swimming, evolved into a dream of sharing the joy and benefits to others, and became a goal to make the sport available and accessible to everyone. It has always been a mission to make the fact known to all that swimming is for everyone. It is for all walks of life, age, and status. A belief that everyone has the capacity to acquire the talent or skill of swimming if a proper facility, coach and program will be made available. A chance for everyone to have the ability and means to learn and know swimming, to create awareness that being able to swim is not only to compete but also for safety, health and well-being.

These have been the driving force to Establish Cleopatra Sport Services on the Year 2003. Top Calibre Swimmers and Coaches was brought and hired from all parts of the world. It was such a huge success and led the company to create its own Academy under the name Cleopatra Swimming Academy.
The company has then ventured into other sports and expanded its scope of operations to other activities and businesses. The company further invested in the management and operation of other sports facilities like indoor and outdoor multipurpose halls, gym, various pitches and of course more swimming pool.

Our facilities can now accommodate and give services to the following sports activities.
– Basketball
– Badminton
– Cricket
– Football / Indoor Football (Futsal)
– Fitness Classes
– Gymnastics Classes
– Martial Arts (All forms and Discipline)
– Tennis
– Volleyball
– Swimming
And other sports that these facilities can handle.

Various sports facilities all over the UAE including 4 Major and World Class facilities are now under the Services and Operation of Cleopatra Sport Services in which most of these can also host non sporting events like concerts, meetings, graduations and others.

We are proud to say that through the course of time and years of experience, Cleopatra Sport Services, its team and the management have been moulded to became experts in the field of Sports Services and Distribution and has reached the level of becoming the best Sports Services Company in our country today.

Getting the best facility management services, operations, distribution and training is our Guarantee.

  • Push The Limits

    Provide modern, innovative and dynamic services to various sports activities outlook

  • Beyond The Limits

    Establish a modern and refreshing outlook in sports.

  • Worthy Rewards

    Provide modern, innovative and dynamic services to various sports activities outlook

We Have The Best Facilities, Coaches And Training Programs

The expertise (both male and female) we have when coupled with our commitment assures you unimpeachable results. We have served to most complex of requirements and diversified types of projects. People with us are veterans, mission driven, result oriented and highly professional in their approach.

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